Thursday, 4 August 2016

Takashi Amano - A life of passion, a story of love for Nature

Dear readers,

Today is a bit sad day. Today, it is the first anniversary of the death of Takashi Amano, creator of the Nature Aquarium concept, founder of ADA, and more important than that: an artist who many of us, aquascapers, consider the Master and the one who truly captured the spirit of Nature in his creations. The social media is commemorating this day by posting the comments people did on the day that mankind lost this genius. I was really touched by his passing away, and I felt compelled to express it to my friends, family and close people that I have in my social network. I did it with the following words:

"Takashi Amano has died on 4th August 2015 due to a pneumonia at the age of 61 years. For most of you this name will mean nothing. For me, he has been a source for inspiration and also aspiration, a person who has got my admiration in the time I was lucky enough to follow his professional career and, in some way, his life. 

Takashi Amano, in his last days.
As artist, he started his professional life as underwater photographer in fresh water environments all around the world, showing the beauty of the sub-aquatic world of lakes and rivers to everyone. Lover of these environments, he decided to learn how to translate such a beauty into aquariums so a small piece of that beauty could be in any home, office and any other place far beyond the nature. He then studied the japanese arts of the micro-landscapes and of the appreciation of the rocks, which led him to learn how to introduce the harmony in a given aquascape at the same time than keeping a natural shape. 

With all these ingredients, he built a whole new philosophy in the world of the aquarism, strong enough to justify the creation of his company, Aqua Design Amano –ADA. Amano found out quite soon that the industry of his time could not provide what he needed to achieve the success in the planted aquarium or aquascaping, so he decided to start his own company with the purpose of developing the required technology as well as make it accessible to aquarist around the world. His success is such a one that, currently, his philosophy in terms of aquariums is the most growing one inside the aquarism. There is no doubt about the fact that Takashi Amano has changed forever what an aquarium means for the human beings, introducing an environmental sensibility as well as a love for the creations of nature that will stay forever, because once you introduce yourself in that philosophy, you never go back.

Amano, a dreamer, a creator, a designer, an artist and an entrepreneur that has changed forever the history in this small space of the global human society. He has been, is, and always will be, a source of inspiration for the aquarist and for everyone able to read in his creations.

Takashi Amano, thanks for all the things that you have given to me and for awakening my mind in the way you have done. Regardless you are right now, your memory will endure forever. But now, please, allow us to feel much lonelier, now that you are not here, orphans of the master who knew what was behind all the doors."

In this memorial, I would like to add that he has been also one of the main reasons why I decided to start this site: To promote, support and help into spreading the work of Amano, and more important, his philosophy of life. Through knowledge of Nature we can reach its smallest creations.

More recently, I had the opportunity to acquire and read his biography, published by ADA. It is a strongly recommended reading, despite being fan or not of Nature Aquariums. His life has been one of love. Love for his work, love for his passions, love for Nature. From the very bottom, he raised himself to the highest place just based in pure hard work, persistence, perseverance and also stubbornness. He was in life, and still is in death, a great example of overcoming and constant improvement. Amano-sensei never met limits to his desire of achieving what he had in mind since his childhood. I have come to admire him within the time, and knowing him better through his biography have just led me to love him, and at the same time, to envy him. Because in his way, Takashi Amano achieved a life of fulfillment, of dreams become reality and effort being rewarded. I can only wish having the same feeling the day I have to pass away, too.

Rest in peace, Takashi Amano, my unknown friend, my master, my inspiration. Your body died, but your memory will remain alive forever in all our creations.

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