Manuel Arias (1981) founded The Living Tank in 2015. Passionated about the Nature and the Science, Manuel Arias accomplished a BSc. in Marine Sciences and PhD. studies in Physical Oceanography and Remote Sensing applications. His professional experience includes Research and Teaching at the University, to Software Engineering as member of the board of directors of Solaris Consulting y Desarrollo. In the present day, Manuel Arias works leading R&D projects for the European Space Agency: SMOS L2 Ocean Salinty and Ocean Colour CalVal activities.

The aim of The Living Tank is to spread the hobby of the Aquascaping, attracting new people to the beautiful world of the Nature and Planted Aquariums. To achieve such goal, The Living Tank tries to present all the required knowledge in the plainest way as possible, to reduce the complexity of this line of the Aquarism, and showing that everyone can create and manage an astonishing aquascape at home when having the right knowledge.

Manuel Arias has been interested on Aquarism since child, keeping his own aquariums until the present day. In 2013 he looked for a change in the traditional Aquarism, moving from the typical "cage for fishes" to become the aquariums in real pieces of nature at home. In this search, he found the world of Takashi Amano, falling in love of the beauty that is possible to create following his steps. Aware of the difficult and the amount of details and information that the hobbyist needs to take care of, he dreamed with a much more easy and comprehensible approach reachable for everyone.

Manuel Arias got the 3rd position in the first edition of UKASC (United Kingdom Aquascaping Contest) and 9th position in the first edition of the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience event. He has also held a two-day seminar about Aquascaping at Emperor Tropicals shop (Plymouth, Devon, UK) on January 2016, and also collaborated with SeaLife to produce two biotope aquariums in their facilities at Weymouth (Devon, UK) on May 2016.

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