Thursday, 16 June 2016

Aquascape of the Month - June 2016: "Longing" by Takayuki Fukada

As part of The Living Tank activities, I plan to introduce some aquascapes to the community in regular basis. The pieces of work are selected because I personally consider them masterpieces for one or more reasons. Besides, I want to provide comments and analysis of them, in order to help the hobbyist into understanding why a given work is outstanding, and what elements play a key role into it. These analysis are kept in the section called Aquascape Gallery of this blog.

This month I have selected the Grand Prize winner of IAPLC 2015, created by the aquascaper Takayuki Fukada. 

Mr. Fukada is a regular participant of the IAPLC, and it has presented works in various years, getting always a high rating. This fact becomes it one of the best aquascapers in the world. His mastering in aquascaping is well shown in his work titled "Longing", which appears now as top image in this blog, and is now included into the Aquascape Gallery of the site, with the corresponding analysis.

I hope you enjoy this aquascape as much as I do, a work to imitate in many senses, with lot of learning. For those with further interest, the interview that ADA did to Takayuki Fukada reveals also many of the keys that define a master aquascaper. I have included it in this post for you.

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