Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Dear reader, 

First of all, thank you very much for investing your time in this site. At the moment, I am working in all the layouts and basic contents, so it will take a while until more useful information and details can be found here.

The Living Tank has three major goals:
  • Preserve the memory and work of the recently and sadly deceased Takashi Amano, creator of Aqua Design Amano, and father of the Natura aquariums.
  • Spread the "how-to" knowledge required to create a magnificent aquascape. 
  • Present in a scientific and coherent perspective topics of common discussion in the hobby.
The first point will consist on the promotion of events regarding the work of Amano around the world, including aquascapes, videos, articles, etc. 

The second one will be reflected in a series of posts intended to be a tutorial for people new in this hobby/art as well as for people just interested in improving their current aquascapes. A Reference page will be also maintained with the aim of making easier to get a fast definition or short explanation for the concepts that I use in the guide and in the posts.

In addition to this, I will publish post reviews regarding equipment, plant, fishes, soils and any material that is commonly used in Aquascaping, as well the updates of the guide, so if you are subscribed you will receive notifications when I publish, which will allow you to be up to the date of this site. Hence, I really encourage you to subscribe you to The Living Tank, whereas by e-mail, Blogger/Blogspot or RSS. You will find the corresponding options in the top of the right column of the site.

I wanted to express that this is not a monologue. One of the advantages of internet is the possibility of sharing knowledge, questions and opinions. You are always invited to comment in my posts, as well as in the contents of the guide. You can also send me questions that I will regularly answer in posts through the form provided in the Contact section. Feel free to tell me what you think about my work here, correct my mistakes or send me questions/comments at any time.

Again, thank you very much for devoting some time to these lines, and hopefully I will get you as follower. My best success in this project I just started will be getting you engaged in this fantastic and beautiful adventure that is the Aquascaping, or if you are already addicted to it, provide you with the tips and clues able to solve your current difficulties or improve your current results.

Finally, I want to show a small bit of the greatness of Takashi Amano in the following video that I find quite inspirational. Rest in peace, master.

Sincerely yours, 

 Manuel Arias, Founder of The Living Tank (c) 2016.

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